Fixed Braces

Fixed Braces before and after close-up

What is a Fixed Brace?

Fixed braces, often known as “train tracks”, are small brackets that are attached to the front of each individual tooth with a special adhesive, linked together by orthodontic wires.

Fixed braces can be made of metal or a tooth-coloured material like porcelain (ceramic). Many teenage patients choose vibrant colours to customise their metal braces. Gold braces are also available and are more harmonious in appearance with the teeth than standard metal ones.

Fixed braces such as Damon or In-Ovation braces incorporate features (innovative ways of holding the wire in place) to help the teeth move more smoothly and so make treatment quicker.

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What is a Fixed Brace used for?

Fixed braces are often used as they give a lot of control over where the teeth are finally positioned. They are most often used to correct crooked teeth, goofy teeth, gappy teeth and teeth that grow in the wrong place.

How long do you wear a Fixed Brace for?

Fixed braces are usually worn for 9-30 months and cannot be removed by you. Your orthodontist will advise you on the length of time you will be likely to wear a fixed brace depending on the treatment prescribed.

More information about Fixed Braces

For more information on fixed braces please visit our downloads page where you can download a Fixed Appliance pdf produced by the British Orthodontic Society. For further information on how to look after your fixed brace please visit our fixed brace page.
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